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Electronic Squib Initiation Unit

The Teledyne ESIU is designed to initiate up to sixteen Electro-Explosive Devices (EEDs). Since firing sequence and pulse timing are microprocessor-controlled, any arbitrary timing requirement can be accommodated. Submillisecond timing accuracy can be achieved. Up to three independent firing sequences are easily programmed. The system provides autonomous connection to the initiation power bus upon receipt of a start command and auto disconnect upon completion of each firing sequence. Built-in ten ampere current regulators can supply a guaranteed "all fire" current to one or two EEDs simultaneously. Qualified, high reliability, dual bridgewire EEDs are available with either detonation or gas pressure outputs. The ESIU meets all the requirements of MIL-STD-1512.

High Reliability
The Electronic Squib Controller is dual redundant. Each independent sequencer channel is connected, through dedicated safe/arm relays, to one of the dual bridgewire sets. Single point failure tolerance and a success probability of greater than 0.99994 are achieved by total signal separation throughout the redundant system.

The ESIU is designed with extensive built-in test provisions that provide better than 95% fault detection. A complete test is executed at power-on and continuous background testing is performed pending a firing sequence start command. End-to-end continuity testing includes EED bridgewires and the interconnecting cabling.

System Requirements
The Teledyne Electronic Safety Products Electronic Squib Initiation System (ESIU), was developed to provide improved performance for squib firing systems in missile and other staging applications. Electronic initiation offers tighter timing tolerances, lower life cycle cost and higher reliability than pyrotechnic control and transmission lines as well as providing the capability for comprehensive end-to-end built-in test.

The small dual channel sequencer unit is less than 67 cubic inches (0.0011 cubic meters) and, together with the EEDs, weight is below 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms). Current drawn at 28 volts, during standby operation (background testing), is nominally 0.20 amperes.

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