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U.S. Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat Application




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Electronic Sequencer for Aircraft Ejection Seats


  • The TESP Electronic Sequencer has dual and triple redundant circuitry. No single point failure will adversely affect a successful recovery.

  • All MIL-Spec components are used throughout (NACES only)

  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components used in FAST support a lower unit cost and protect against obsolescence.
  • Both NACES & NACES/FAST were subjected to and successfully passed a qualification program.

  • NACES/FAST has been subjected to successful HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) program.

  • Designed to operate in EMI/EMP environments.

  • Probability of success in excess of .998. No periodic maintenance is required.

  • A non-volatile RAM is incorporated in the circuitry to store the ejection parameter data at time of ejection. The chip can be retrieved and "read" as an aid to ejection investigations (NACES only)

  • The NACES/FAST sequencer incorporates three channels of event recording, which stores dynamic environmental and event timing data into three 2-megabyte memory units for later retrieval and analysis.

  • Built-in test hardware and software enables complete testing when connected to a portable tester at an intermediate level depot by semi-skilled personnel. Fault isolation is readily accomplished at a base level depot.

  • Damaged cables easily replaceable at depot level.

  • Low Life Cycle costs. Software can be customized to other recovery mode-scenarios.

  • The NACES/FAST unit was programmed using the standard military programming language ADA.

  • Power Requirements: 22-60 VDC; for example, thermal battery, seat power source.

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