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Digital Recovery Sequence

The Digital Recovery Sequencer (DRS) was developed as a replacement for the Analog Sequencer used in the ACES II Ejection Seat for F-15, F-16, F/A-22, F-117, B-1B, B-2, and A-10 aircraft. It features a modern, set of Fail-Safe/ Fail-Op electronics unaffected by single point failures. The electronics is programmable and expandable for a variety of applications and recovery sequence improvements. It also includes a solid state 3-axis accelerometer for incident recording and post ejection analysis. The Power Module is removable for periodic time changes leaving the electronics module installed in the seat. An external connector is available for complete end-to-end testing. The DRS can be installed with minimal changes to existing ACES II ejection seats.

The Digital Recovery Sequencer is powered by thermal batteries installed in a removable Power Module. The Power Module is initiated by bleed pressure from the ACES II Ejection Seat catapult. After closure of a start switch on the seat rails it senses speed and altitude by reading static and dynamic pressure transducers external to the sequencer. It determines the appropriate timing for and provides firing pulses to initiate the subsequent events necessary to function the ACES II Ejection Seat. Designed with P3I in mind it includes mounting locations for solid state sensors to eventually replace the existing external barometric switches while providing opportunities for improved recovery scenarios..

> Weight
Sequencing Logic
System Reliability
> 7.3 lbs

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