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Electronic Sequencer Test Set TTU-515/E

Electronic Sequencer Test Set TTU-515/E The Teledyne Electronic Safety Products Electronic Sequencer Test Set was designed and developed to provide a full end-to-end test of the TESP Electronic Sequencer. The test set provides simulated inputs and measures the timing of initiator firing outputs. The unit is fully qualified and production deliveries began in January 1991 to support sequencers in the Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seats for the F-14D, F-18 and T-45 aircraft. The unit is programmable and could be used to test any electrical initiator firing system.

The test set is designed to test a sequencer while installed on the seat, and contains safety lockouts which prevent power application to the sequencer in the event that all cables are not connected to the test set. In addition to verifying the sequencer's ability to fire in all modes, via the serial channel in the test connector, discrete element diagnostics are performed on the sequencer's electronics.

In self-test mode, the test set employs a complete wraparound capability using the test cables and will fault-isolate itself to the replaceable assemblies.

All interconnecting cables are stowed in a storage compartment in the lid.

  Primary AC

  Power dissipation
  DC output voltages
105-125V, 47-63 Hz, single phase, 140
VA (max).
20 watts average
+5.1+-0.1V, 5A
+28.2+-1V, 3A
+12.0+-0.5V, 200 mA
-12.0+-0.5V, 200 mA
DIMENSIONS (Style B enclosure)
10 in.
19 in.
13 in.
36 lbs.
Qualified in accordance with MIL-T-28800C for Type II, Class 3 equipment, and EMI requirements of MIL-Std-461C for Class A-4 equipment.

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