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Emergency Escape Sequencing System

Emergency Escape Sequencing System The Teledyne Electronic Safety Products Emergency Escape Sequencing System was designed for the F-22 air superiority fighter. The system is a fourth generation digital system representing continuous improvement of previous systems developed for the NACES ejection seat and the A-12. The system consists of battery initiators, thermal batteries, a digital Electronic Sequencer, a Mode Selector, cabling, and Electro-explosive devices (EEDs). A field support test set performs an array of tests including sequencer operational tests, sequencer self test, and, harness continuity tests while in the aircraft. The field test set also supports harness fault isolation testing when in the maintenance mode. The sequencer is programmable and can be used in any single or dual seat escape system.

The system is powered by thermal batteries that are on the ACES II Ejection Seat and Internal and External Canopy Jettison Handles. Based on the initiation point and the Mode Selector setting the Sequencer providers firing pulses to the EEDs to support canopy removal, ejection seat inertia reel activation and ejection seat catapult firing. Sensing capabilities are provided to determine system state (canopy gone, etc.). Additional outputs are available to support other functions.

Power Thermal Batteries
Timing Accuracy Within one millisecond
Sequencing Logic Programmable
System Reliability >.998
System Weight Sequencer 2.9 lbs
Ejection Mode Controller 10 Oz

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