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ACES II Ejection Seat Sequencer
Electronic Sequencer for Aircraft Ejection Seats
Electronic Sequencer Test Set TTU-515/E
Electronic Squib Initiation Unit
Emergency Escape Sequencing System
Exploding Bridgewire System Test Equipment
Digital Recovery Sequence

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ACES II Ejection Seat Sequencer

Advanced Concept Ejection Seat II (ACECS-II) Sequencer Teledyne Electronic Safety Products is an approved manufacturer. This unit is activated by gas from the seat catapult and fires the drogue gun, drogue severance cutter, divergence rocket, stapac assembly, main parachute and harness release. The ACES II seat is used in the F-15, F-16, F-22, F-17, B-1, B-2 and A-10 aircraft. TESP has delivered in excess of 1000 sequencers.

Test and Maintenance
ACES II Test Set TESP offers a package of test equipment and training which enables users of the ACES II seat to establish their own organic capability to perform test and scheduled maintenance of the sequencers. The establishment of this capability reduces support costs and increases aircraft availability.

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