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Teledyne Electronic Safety Products (TESP) is a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Teledyne Technologies and has been a separate business unit of the Teledyne family since February of 1986. The electronics unit was initially created as a spin-off from Teledyne Systems in order to develop an electronic ejection seat controller. This controller was intended to support two development programs of Teledyne McCormick Selph, an ordnance company with a strong reputation in the pyrotechnic escape systems products line.

TESP designed, developed, and qualified the U.S. Navy's NACES Ejection Seat Electronic Sequencer, which has been in continuous production since 1989. These sequencers are currently flying in the T-45, F/A-18, and F-14D. With that success, TESP moved on to become a second source supplier for the USAF ACES II electronic ejection seat sequencer. We have produced over 6000 ACES II models along with specialized training courses and supporting test equipment.

In 1989, TESP was selected to design, qualify, and produce the first electronic interseat sequencing system for use in the 2-place A-12 aircraft for the U.S. Navy. TESP was again selected to design, develop, qualify, and produce the electronic interseat sequencing system for the USAF's F-22 Raptor. The qualification has been completed, and production deliveries are in process. The sled test program was completely successful. Teledyne has since designed, developed, qualified and begun production deliveries of a field/maintenance support test set for the F-22 escape system. TESP has also designed, developed, and delivered specialized test equipment to support ordnance devices associated with High Energy Firing Units (HEFU's) and Exploding Bridgewires (EBW's).

A very specialized unit called the EISU was designed, developed, and tested for use in a stealth missile application. The start-to-finish effort was completed in under six months and met all applicable military specifications.

Another specialized real time processing unit that was designed, developed, and delivered to support an airdrop delivery system for the U.S. Army was called LARRS (Low Altitude Rocket Recovery System). TESP also manufactures build-to-print products such as flight control actuators for target and other Unpiloted Air Vehicles (UAVs).

Teledyne recently completed a major upgrade of the NACES ejection seat sequencer and production deliveries began in 2002. The new NACES is now called NACES/FAST. The entire electronics package was been redesigned and modernized to allow for expanded growth capabilities along with significantly reduced costs. The embedded firmware was programmed using ADA.

Teledyne is presently working with Martin-Baker to upgrade the NACES/FAST sequencer for use in the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter ejection seat.

TESP continues to expand its product lines and has several projects under development that have applications in both the escape system and the commercial aviation communities.

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